Monday, November 2, 2009

BBB Discrimination Against Online Business

BBB is a business which has its own way of transient untrue judgments on other businesses that are highly reputable, for demonstration Google. According to an article released in Search Engine Land Google a business which was cast a vote as the peak international emblem was ranked as unsatisfactory by the BBB which displays just how unsatisfactory BBB’s ranking measures actually are. It furthermore raises an significant inquiry how can BBB, a business with no powerful footings can lift untrue details or even rate a international seek motor monster such as Google.

Many reputable websites assertion that the BBB's principle to ascribe additional when brandishing the BBB logo online is a discriminatory and prejudiced start against online businesses, particularly for those associations which have no other way to broadcast their members (i.e. they don't have a personal location). The other key anxiety is that online enterprises not only have to pay the annual BBB members charges which are founded on the number of workers they have, they furthermore have to pay a distinct additional allegations in alignment to broadcast the BBB members on their sites. All these details apparently display that BBB is not a correct business but cash making mill which exploits online businesses in alignment lift bucks quickly.

The BBB does not suggest exact enterprises to buyers, but easily provision information. regarding how a assembly financed by enterprises can be equitable to buyers, the bureau's website states that its worth to enterprises counts on its neutrality.

BBB has been suspect of unduly defending companies. The BBB answers by, at smallest, notating accusations on the "Reliability Report" part of its world broad web sites. If a agency does not proceed sensibly representing a buyer, a accusation may be filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

BBB THE BIG BAD BLACKMAIL (So Called Better Business Bureau)

Better Business Bureau (BBB) claims to help consumers by publishing reports on the reliability of businesses, dropping fraud business activities, assisting companies and businesses. However on the other hand BBB has been accused of unduly protecting companies. Pete Blackshaw Chairman Board of BBB is the key person behind this BBB. They claim to have been rated as "A+" however it was reported that the rating it self was biased.

According to Wikipedia on June 1, 2009, BBB offices nationwide adopted an A-F ratings system. This grading system has been criticized for being biased, and has led to specific BBB investigation sites. A BBB representative has stated that only fee-paying accredited businesses can receive an "A+" rating, though this is not clearly explained on the bureau's website.

Questions Regarding Practices at the Better Business Bureau

When presented with the following questions, Pete Blackshaw declined to comment and insisted that a BBB spokesperson address these. Pete Blackshaw stated that he would try to have a spokesperson address inquiries in writing (there was no response, to date, from Pete Blackshaw’s spokesperson):

  1. Can you supply a 2007-2008 Annual Report? If not, when will it be available? (The last annual report listed online is for the year 2005).
  2. Do you offer arbitration and/or mediation to all consumers registering a complaint or only to those whose complaints are with an accredited BBB business? (it has been reported that only businesses paying for accreditation will be offered arbitration/mediation through the BBB (another point on the rating scale)).
  3. When did the BBB start the accreditation program for businesses, what fees have been required for this? (These fees have been reported to range from hundreds into the thousands dependant on business size).
  4. If a consumer sees a complaint listed against a company they would like to do business with, can the consumer see the details of the complaint? (To date, only the deemed resolution is available to the consumer).
  5. Has the BBB amended any of the new rating scale criteria since its recent inception? Have you recognized any issues that are in possible need of change and/or amendment in your new rating scale?

BBB and Pete Blackshaw Chairman Board of BBB have failed to answer these allegations that is enough to make a comment that Pete Blackshaw is fooling customers instead of giving them legal advice he fools his customer by just telling them the laws that prevail he doesn’t give any consultancy whatsoever.